Our mission…
Our mission is to prevent damage to member facilities and promote public safety by providing an efficient and effective communication and education process.

Our history…
The Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.) was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit association of the Ohio Bell Telephone Company (now A T & T Ohio), East Ohio Gas (now Dominion East-Ohio) and the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. That first year, O.U.P.S. processed 13,678 digging requests.

Key dates in our history:

  • 1984 — O.U.P.S processes our one-millionth call.
  • 1989 — Senate Bill 174 requires all Ohio utility companies to participate in a one-call service. O.U.P.S. subsequently merges with the United Utility Protection Service.
  • 1990 — Senate Bill 264 requires all Ohio citizens to call before they dig.
  • 1993 — O.U.P.S. adds an internal marketing department to increase awareness of our function and services. The department develops billboards, brochures, television commercials and public service announcements to broadcast our message.
  • 1994 — Ernst & Young, LLP, rates O.U.P.S. "Best in Class" in its benchmark telecommunications study of one-call centers.
  • 1996 — O.U.P.S. launches www.oups.org, making us the first one-call center in the nation with its own Web site.
  • 1997 — Spearheaded by our marketing department, O.U.P.S. sponsors the first-annual "O.U.P.S. Safety Day" in Cincinnati. Also that year, O.U.P.S. processes our sixth-millionth call.
  • 2000 — O.U.P.S. launches i-dig, a free, real-time online processing system that allows contractors and excavators to submit their digging requests online.
  • 2002 — O.U.P.S. celebrates 30 years of one-call excellence.
  • 2006 — O.U.P.S. develops a new logo and begins a re-branding process.
  • 2007 — O.U.P.S. celebrates their 35th anniversary.
  • 2008 — O.U.P.S. implements Newtin, the latest call center software.
  • 2009 — O.U.P.S. launches e-dig, the online ticket entry program for homeowners.
  • 2009 — Virtual Private DIRT is launched, enabling excavators and facility owners to upload their damage information to the CGA
  • 2010 — The Ohio Universal Marking Standards are adopted by many facility owners throughout Ohio.
  • 2011 — O.U.P.S. is a catalyst in the formation of the Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Coalition.
  • 2012 — House Bill 458 is the first update to Ohio’s damage prevention law in two decades.
  • 2012 — Switched over to a Voice Override IP Communications System
  • 2013 — Ohio’s updated damage prevention law requires mandatory positive response of all facility owner members.
  • 2013 — HTML5 makes i-dig and e-dig mobile device friendly.
  • 2013 — www.oups.org is now optimized for mobile use.
  • 2013 — As part of House Bill 458, O.U.P.S. begins to notify LBP members on behalf of the excavator. 2013 – Tap the app! O.U.P.S.’ mobile app launches.

Today, O.U.P.S. has over 1,200 member companies and receives nearly 1 million digging and excavation notices each year.

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