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Enforcement Utility Strawman Language03/04/2014Download
North Carolina Damage Prevention Law Download
New S.B. 354 Sub Bill Download
Amended Senate Bill 35410/20/2012Download
Senate Bill 35406/11/2012Download
LSC 129 2123-2 - OUPS changes04/12/2012Download
House Bill 45803/30/2012Download
LSC 129 2123-202/28/2012Download
Amended Senate Bill 15212/19/2011Download
C. Polesovsky Letter of Resignation10/31/2011Download
GOP Exhibit B (Voting Stakeholders)10/28/2011Download
Application for Voting Membership10/27/2011Download
GOP Exhibit A (Membership & Voting)07/25/2011Download
Recommended Comment Period07/25/2011Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes12/11/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes11/07/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes10/26/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes10/22/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes - Doc 110/19/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes - Doc 210/19/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes10/12/2012Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes10/05/2012Download
LSC Enforcement Comparisons Download
Enforcement Draft – LSC 130 2303-410/29/2014Download
Summary of LSC 130 2303-410/29/2014Download
OUDPC Data Reporting Subcommittee Notes1/12/2012Download
House Bill 458 – Final Language11/12/2012Download
House Bill 458 PowerPoint Download
House Bill 458 – Primary Conceptual Changes (Talking Points)01/09/2013Download
Enforcement Subcommittee Presentation03/03/2014Download
House Bill 458 FAQs03/27/2013Download
Examples of Possible Data Collection Items06/24/2013Download
Enforcement Subcommittee Flow Chart01/27/2014Download
Enforcement Subcommittee Notes 08/20/2013Download
Enforcement Subcommittee Notes 09/24/2013Download
Proposed Hand Tools Exemption from Ohio Archaeological Council12/06/2013Download
Proposed Hand Tools Exemption from ODOT12/13/2013Download
Senate Bill 378 Flow Chart10/29/2014Download
Senate Bill 378 Summary10/29/2014Download
House Bill 65911/12/2014Download
Proposed Amendments to Senate Bill 37812/03/2014Download
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