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Proposed Language by Subcommittees


Administrative Subcommittee

Joe Igel, Co-Chair

Dave Celona, Co-Chair

Membership Subcommittee

Roger Lipscomb, Co-Chair

Positive Response Subcommittee

Andy Orth, Co-Chair

Bill Hocevar, Co-Chair

Enforcement Subcommittee

Jennifer Reams, Co-Chair

Judd Gleason

Technical Subcommittee

Mark Potnick, Co-Chair

Marking Standards Subcommittee

Darren Owens, Co-Chair

Alice Miller, Co-Chair

Scott Tustin, Co-Chair

Defined Limits Subcommittee

Melissa Volkert, Co-Chair

Stakeholder Responsibility Subcommittee

Judd Gleason, Co-Chair

Kelli Albanese, Co-Chair
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