i-dig Newtin Tutorials & Shortcuts are available to download and print. Please note that the applications are PDF files and may by read and printed using the Adobe© Acrobat® Reader® program. If you do not have this program, visit www.adobe.com for a free download.

  • Newtin Programs Installation.exe — This executable will allow you to install Ticket Search (or look below for the HTML5 version), Polygon Maintenance, Grid Maintenance and Quadrangle Report. You will need Administrative privileges to run this. If needed, you may need to install Microsoft .NET
  • Setup Package — Full explanation of how to install, run and log in to the Newtin System.
  • Html5 General Information Manual — A listing of all abbreviations including street name abbreviations, street type endings, and facility owner types



    Ticket search HTML5

    Ticket search HTML5 - http://longterm.oups.org/newtinweb/OUPS_TicketSearch.html and enter account information.

    Works on all browsers ** Please note if you are using IE you will need IE 9 or greater.**

    Once logged in you can enter a date range and your company name to get tickets that your company called in.  If you just want to search all tickets received (and entered) you do not need to put the company name in.


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