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Our mission…

Our mission is to prevent damage to member facilities and promote public safety by providing an efficient and effective communication and education process.

Our history…

The OHIO811 was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit collaboration of the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, East Ohio Gas Company, and Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. Charged with protecting Ohio’s underground infrastructure, the alliance provided notification to facility owners about planned excavation activities. Within its first year, OHIO811 processed 13,678 excavation requests. In the years to follow, the organization expanded membership and developed its departments. The incorporation of technology and modernization of everyday operations has solidified the organization’s position as a damage prevention industry leader. Today, OHIO811 has over 1,300 members and receives over 1 million excavation requests annually.






Roger Lipscomb

President / Executive Director

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 7244

Jami Benedis

Vice President of Finance & HR

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 7239

Cheryl Mosier

Operations Supervisor / Member Consultants

1-800-311-3692, ext. 4729

Kelly Peck

Operations Supervisor / Member Consultants

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 4730

Tom Hackstedde

Manager of IT and Mapping

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 7260

Lee Richards

Public Awareness & Education Supervisor

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 7249

Alice Miller

Director, Community Affairs

1-800-311-3692, ext. 4905

Jack Bennett

Public Awareness / Services Coordinator




Chuck Green

Public Awareness / Services Coordinator

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 7250

George Gillespie

Public Awareness / Services Coordinator

 1-800-311-3692, ext. 4907

Matt Hennis

Public Awareness / Services Coordinator


Jeff Kursman

Senior Director of External Operations


Jason Broyles

Public Awareness / Services Coordinator




Diana Slanco

HR / Finance Assistant
1-800-311-3692, ext. 4761

Laura Varga

Executive Secretary
1-800-311-3692, ext. 4700

Renee Weeden

Accounts Payable
1-800-311-3692, ext. 4904



Marie Swerdan

Accounts Payable
1-800-311-3692, ext. 4909

Amy Fields

Accounts Receivable
1-800-311-3692, ext. 4760







1-800-311-3692, ext. 4915








Information Technology

William Harris

Information Systems Support Specialist
1-800-311-3692, ext. 7238

Jeff Wright

Information Systems Support Specialist
1-800-311-3692, ext. 7245

Brian Strickland

Database Administrator
1-800-311-3692, ext. 7236



Maureen Beardman

Internet / GIS Support Specialist
1-800-311-3692, ext. 7237


Shari Davies

Internet / GIS Support Specialist
1-800-311-3692, ext. 7234







William List

Facilities Coordinator
1-800-311-3692, ext 4990






About Us

A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity. This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.




Contact OHIO811

PO Box 729
12467 Mahoning Ave
North Jackson, OH 44451