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Welcome to e-dig the easy online dig request for non-emergency single address locates only.


With just the click of a mouse, homeowners or contractors can enter single address locates via the e-dig program.









Restrictions and Requirements:

  • Single addresses only, not extending markings beyond the addresses boundaries.
  • No Emergency or less than 48-hour notice requests.
  • No Pre-Planning/Design requests.
  • Valid email address.
  • Requests submitted after 5 pm on business days, weekends or legal holidays will be processed, by OHIO811, on the next business day.

If these requirements are not and cannot be met, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 8-1-1 or 800-362-2764.


The date and time that you are legally allowed to begin your excavation will be 48 hours (2 full working days not including weekends and legal holidays) from the time that OHIO811 processes your locate request but no more than 10 working days after receipt of confirmation. This legal start date and time will be included as part of your confirmation. If you begin your excavation prior to that time, you may be subject to liability for damaged underground facilities.


IF YOU HAVE HIRED AN EXCAVATOR TO DO WORK ON YOUR PROPERTY, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE. By law, it is the responsibility of the excavator to submit the notification.

For more information, please refer to Ohio Revised Code 3781.25 (K) if you have any questions or need clarification.


If you already have requested markings and have an existing ticket number for your dig location DO NOT CONTINUE but call 811 or 800-362-2764 and give the in-house Customer Service Representative your ticket number and they can assist you at that time.


If you have found, knicked or cut an underground facility, please DO NOT CONTINUE but call 811 or 800-362-2764


Safe digging starts with you, please click here to start e-dig.


About Us

A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity. This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.




Contact OHIO811

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12467 Mahoning Ave
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