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A real-time, Web-based ticket-entry program, i-dig Newtin Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) is for professional excavators, contractors and utility facility owners.


With i-dig Newtin, excavators and facility owners can enter and search their notification requests online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users can input the same information they do when phoning in their notification request, except Emergencies, Large Projects and Dig-Ins (cut lines). Additional features include; ticket search program, managing, repeating and updating of company tickets, all from the convenience of their personal computer or any mobile device.


To begin, take the training shown below (scroll down) or if you have additional questions please contact the i-dig Hotline at 800-240-7190 between 8am and 4:30pm or via email


  i-dig Login  
Current i-dig users click above to log in, for training please scroll down.


Training Course

Refresher Video

Refresher Video Review Sheet - A guide to review the information found in the refresher video for future quick reference:


Advanced Training Videos

Advanced Training Video Review Sheet - A guide to review the information found in the advanced training videos for reference


Required Info Checklist

Required Info Checklist - Lose your checklist from your manual? Download and print the checklist here.

Each individual user must take the i-dig training which includes taking the i-dig training questionnaire and creating their own login. Please note that there is NO sharing of user names and passwords. .


 i-dig questionnaire will then be graded and it is required that you miss 4 questions or less in order to pass. If you fail the questionnaire, you will be able to take it again. Once you do pass the questionnaire, you will then receive a phone call from the i-dig department to complete the setup process.



Also please note that your account will not be activated until after you have been contacted by the i-dig department.


Read & Review Both Manuals


1. Html5 General Information Manual - A listing of all abbreviations including street name abbreviations, street type endings, and                                          facility owner types

                     2. Html5 RTE Manual - Manual explaining all fields                            within Ticket Entry


Watch Training Videos

We recommend watching the 3 videos full screen shown below:

Complete Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire here.

Create Account and Password

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