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Excavation work in Ohio is a lot safer thanks to the standard marking system. A joint effort between OHIO811, excavators, facility locators, and facility owners statewide, this universal marking system offers a host of benefits:


  • Increases safety for the general public
  • Decreases injury rate among workers
  • Protects the underground infrastructure and the environment
  • Eliminates guesswork — less downtime and loss of revenue for excavators and facility owners


Additionally, Ohio Revised Code 3781.29 states, "All underground facilities shall be marked in accordance with the Ohio universal marking standards that are on file with the Ohio utilities protection service."


Click on the links below to find important information about Ohio's Universal Marking Standards. You may print this information or attend an Ohio Damage Prevention Council or Utility Coordinating Council meeting in your area for copies of each item listed.


Ohio Universal Marking Standards (Revision Date: August 2019)



If you are an underground facility owner/operator in the state of Ohio, and the code you use to identify your underground facilities is not listed, please provide that code to OHIO811 by emailing us at


Once provided, your company code will be posted, and workers in your area will know it is your facility they are excavating near.


Excavators, print this list and keep it handy, it is your key to underground facility owner/operator identification. This list is updated often, so check back frequently.


To add your company to the list, please contact Shari or Maureen at




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A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity. This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.




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