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Ohio Utilities Protection Service, in collaboration with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and the Ohio Gas Producers Underground Protection Service, is announcing the consolidation of Ohio's two utility protection services under a unified OHIO811 center.


"Call Before You Dig" just became easier for Ohio's contractors and property owners, increasing their safety and the protection of the state's critical underground infrastructure.


  • Joint Release
  • Welcome Package
  • Law Requirements
    • The Ohio Revised Code section 3781.26(A) states that "Each utility that owns or operates underground utility facilities shall participate in and register the location of its underground utility facilities with a protection service that serves the area where the facilities are located."
    • Becoming an OHIO811 member not only keeps your company in compliance with state law but also demonstrates a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of the consumers and communities you serve. 
    • To view specific sections of the Law or download to print the entire Law, please visit

Additional benefits that are included in your membership and helpful resources can be found all throughout our website. To simplify this transition, a list of direct links to access some of our highly used resources and extremely beneficial online programs has been provided below.  


  • Polygon Maintenance:
    • A fast and easy program that allows members 24-hour access to keep their database(s) up to date. Polygon Maintenance uses a real-time online software package that directly interfaces with the OHIO811 computerized mapping database and grid overlays to maintain the chosen service area. Any new members that have their own GIS Data please contact Brian and for any new members without please click here to learn how to create your own database.
  • Positive Response:
    • Positive Response is the closing of the communication loop. It allows each facility owner to communication to the excavator the status of their one call tickets. 
  • Ticket Search:
    • A program that is available to OHIO811 members that track tickets received for their specified member codes and excavators to search for old tickets they have entered.
  • WebTMS:
    • A Windows executable program that allows member facility owners to easily access, manage, store, search and archive tickets. 
  • Industry Representation/Board of Trustees:
    • OHIO811 is governed by a board of trustee comprised of representatives from industry stakeholder groups. During their two-year term, trustees play a major role in setting policy and direction for our organization. 
  • Educational and Promotional Events
  • Damage Prevention Councils
  • Promotional Catalog

  • Contact Info:
    • Our goal is to ensure your membership is uniquely set up solely based on your individual needs. Our Member Service Specialist and our Public Awareness/Service Coordinators are prepared to assist you throughout this entire process. All contact information has been provided below.

  • GIS Database Contact Info:
    • Any new members that have their own GIS Data please contact Brian and for any new members without please click here to learn how to create your own database.
      • Brian Strickland
      • Database Administrator
      • Phone:  800-311-3692, ext. 7236
      • Email:




Chuck Green

Public Awareness/Services Coordinator
 1-800-311-3692, ext.7250


George Gillespie

Public Awareness/Services Coordinator
 1-800-311-3692, ext.4907


Jack Bennett

Public Awareness/Services Coordinator


Matt Hennis

Public Awareness/Services Coordinator







Jason Broyles

Public Awareness/Services Coordinator





About Us

A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity. This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.




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