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What is a positive response?

Positive response is a closing of the communication loop. It allows each facility owner to communicate to the excavator the status of their one call ticket.


To check a positive response:

You can check the positive responses for your notifications (please be sure to have your OHIO811 ticket number handy:


What if a facility owner owns multiple facility types?

Some members have multiple utilities under one member code. To properly respond to positive response, we have devised a solution that would allow a member to respond for each of their utilities. Click here for more information.





To post a positive response:

There are three ways to post your responses to Positive Response.

  • Directly via a secure website:
  • If you do not have a username and password you have several options for responding including phone (IVR), internet, or TCP protocol
  • Via the OHIO811 App. Contact the Ohio811 team at for further information.



What are the response codes that member companies can provide?

  • 001 – No Conflict
  • 002 – Marked – up to privately owned utility
  • 003 – Ticket canceled
  • 004 – Excavation request could not be completed – facility owner/locator will contact/meet the excavator directly
  • 005 – Excavation request could not be completed – Bad address or incorrect street information, a new ticket is requested
  • 006 – High profile facility – Facility owner requests to be present for excavation
  • 007 – Large Complex Project – will coordinate with the excavator
  • 008 – Design Ticket – Contractor was notified by facility owner
  • 009 – Work has been completed upon arrival
  • 999 – No Response given within the 48 hours

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A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity. This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.




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