Executive Committee


  • Dave Losinski
    American Electric Power
  • Frank Ward
    Charter Communications
  • Chris Ritter
    Cincinnati Bell Telephone
  • Josh Motzer
  • Joseph Marinello
    Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
  • Jim Mandera
    Dominion Energy Ohio
  • Stephen Euton
    Frontier Communications
  • Blake Ross
    Marathon Pipe Line, LLC
  • Jim Wooten
    Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio
  • Doug Nelisse
    Windstream Communications
  • Russ Johnson
    TC Energy
  • Dave Berens
    City of Cincinnati
  • Joel Johnson
    City of Columbus
  • Seamus Mulligan
    The Energy Cooperative
  • Chuck Muller
    MetroNet, Inc.


  • Darrin Reeb
    American Electric Power
    Alternate for Dave Losinski
  • Scott Mengler
    Alternate for Briant Thomas
  • Mike Clifford
    Alternate for Josh Motzer
  • Nicholas Corcoran
    City of Cincinnati
    Alternate for Dave Berens
  • Sonia Krammes
    City of Columbus
    Alternate for Joel Johnson
  • Jay Thompson
    Cincinnati Bell Telephone
    Alternate for Chris Ritter
  • Scott Tustin
    Columbia Gas of Ohio
    Alternate for Joseph Marinello
  • Michael McClung
    TC Energy
    Alternate for Russ Johnson
  • Brian Holden
    Dominion Energy
    Alternate for Jim Mandera
  • Michael Franzen
    Duke Energy
    Alternate for Chad Fritsch
  • Forest Rose
    The Energy Cooperative
    Alternate for Seamus Mulligan
  • Vita S. Moore
    FirstEnergy Services Co.
    Alternate for Steve Schafer
  • Travis Bullock
    Franklin County Engineer
    Alternate for Steve Buskirk
  • Tom Travis
    Frontier Communications
    Alternate for Steve Euton
  • Elizabeth Pyles
    George J. Igel & Co., Inc.
    Alternate for Mary Logan-So
  • Kimberly Simon
    Marathon Pipe Line LLC
    Alternate for Blake Ross
  • Carl Bayer
    Kinder Morgan
    Alternate for Les Schell
  • Justin Freudeman
    Charter Communications
    Alternate for Frank Ward
  • Tracey Bryant
    Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio
    Alternate for Jim Wooten
  • Dwayne Lahmann
    Windstream Communications
    Alternate for Doug Nelisse
  • George Kemp
    MetroNet, Inc.
    Alternate for Chuck Muller




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