Excavator/Contractor Membership

Excavator Member Benefits

Professional excavators and contractors can join OHIO811 through our special Excavator Membership option. In February of 1996, the OHIO811 Board of Trustees unanimously approved a provision to allow excavators (individuals whose main course of business is excavation) to join as OHIO811 members and to participate in its meetings. Previously, board seats were reserved for facility owners only. This new partnership occurred as a result of OHIO811’s efforts to enhance participation and increase the safety awareness of underground damage prevention of excavators in the industry. Such a positive alliance further supports the OHIO811 mission.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of becoming an OHIO811 Excavator Members:

    • Commitment to Safety – Demonstration of your company’s support for public safety and quality service.
    • Industry Representation – OHIO811 bylaws allow for an excavator member to represent his or her industry group with a seat on the Board of Trustees.
    • Organizational Voice – Members have the ability to serve on various operating committees advising the Board of Trustees on operational issues.
    • Public Education Program – Complimentary access to the OHIO811 public education program and supporting materials.
    • Networking – The ability to network your organization and services through events and website links.
    • Consortium Buying – The opportunity to purchase from a limited catalog of safety-related items at a discounted rate through our consortium buying program.

To request more information about or membership options, please contact us via one of these options:

Call us

800-311-3692, option 6

Excavator Member List

Roto Rooter
J Wood Pipeline Services logo
CST Utilities Logo
4 A Company, Inc.
AMS Construction
Atlas Industrial Contractors, Inc.

B. A. Vermule Cable Contracting
Baker Installations
Ballast Fence
Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.
Beaver Excavating Co., Inc.
Blood Hound Inc.
Brock & Sons, Inc.
Brown County Construction
Butler Asphalt, LLC

Capital Electric Line Builders, Inc.
Chuck’s Septic Tank, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Inc.
Claypool Electric, Inc.
Columbus Asphalt Paving
Complete General Construction
Cook Paving & Construction Co., Inc.
Cox Paving, LLC
CST Utilities, Inc.

Decker Construction
Dig-It, Inc.
Directional Technology Solutions
Don Wartko Construction
Double Z Construction Co.


Fabrizi Trucking & Paving
Fechko Excavating, LLC

Gandee Heydinger Group
Geddis Paving & Excavating
Geobuild, LLC
George Igel & Co., Inc.
Geotex Construction
GNJ Fiber Construction, LLC
The Great Lakes Construction Co.
Great White Construction, LLC
Gudenkauf Corp.

HAD Drilling Contractors, Inc.
Harris & Heavener Excavating
Henkels & McCoy
HGC Construction Co.

Independence Excavating

J. Daniel & Company
J. Wood Contracting
Jack Doheny Co.
Jess Howard Electric Co.
John Eramo & Sons, Inc.

K S Energy Services
Kenneth G. Myers Construction
Kokosing Construction

Lake Erie Construction Co.

M P Dory Co.
Media Link
Messer Construction Co.
Miller Pipeline Co.

New River Electric Corp.
Nickolas Savko & Sons, Inc.

Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling

Park Enterprise Construction Co., Inc.
Paul Peterson Co.
Phillips Co.
Porta Kleen
Prus Construction Co.

R. B. Jergens Contractors, Inc.
Reliable Electric
Ritter Plumbing Co., Inc.
Rock River Construction, LTD
Roto Rooter Service Co.
The Ruhlin Co.

Select Sires, Inc.
Shelly & Sands, Inc.
South Shore Cable Construction
Stahl Sheaffer Engineering
Stat Communications
Sureshot Directional Boring, Inc.

TMC Excavating & Trenching, Inc.
Trucco Construction

Utiliquest, LLC

Vision Telecommunications, Inc.

Wagner Industrial Electric, Division of ESI, Inc.
Walls Brothers Asphalt Co.

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